Sunday, 31 December 2017

Rabuka outlines vision for Fiji in New Year Message: Compassion for All

New Year Message

31 December 2017

The Social Democratic Liberal Party Leader, former Prime Minister Sitiveni L Rabuka emphasised a message of  compassion for all, as he wished the people of Fiji a happy and prosperous New Year. Rabuka outlined a vision for a nation that is progressive and united, as Fiji stands on the cusp of general elections in 2018. The former PM said brighter days are ahead and that the people of Fiji have the courage and determination to rise to meet and defeat the challenges that face the nation.

Former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka, Party Leader of SODELPA wishes the people of Fiji a Happy and Prosperous New Year. He is photographed here with the Patels, on Boxing Day 2017 (26/12/17) at Vatukarasa, on his return from visiting workers at the Air Terminal Services in Nadi who have been locked out illegally by Management since 16/12/17 (15 days and counting)

“As the people of Fiji gather with family and friends to mark and celebrate the coming new year, I take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous New Year.

“It’s appropriate on New Years eve, that we take some time to reflect on ourselves, as individuals, member of a family, a community, Vanua, and most importantly, as a Nation.

“Let us reflect back and build on our achievements so that we can all move forward together in 2018 with a fresh start, focused and forward looking, to our future.”

My vision for Fiji is based on my conviction and my faith that we must build a united and progressive Fiji where we can live in peace and in harmony with each other. It is by working together that we will realise our collective dream to build Fiji to be a progressive, dynamic and united country as we move towards the elections in 2018.”

“As Party Leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party, I remain committed to consensus building, inclusive, and equitable leadership to attain the dream of a progressive, dynamic and united Fiji.”

“I believe the solution is very simple, if we put aside our differences, and look at the bigger picture for our future generations, and as a nation, rather than focusing on our own personal agenda.”

“Although the challenges are great, each of us as individuals, and collectively, as citizens of Fiji, have the courage and determination to rise and defeat the challenges. That determination and courage will bring our peoples together.”

“There are brighter days ahead and our perseverance and shared hope will continue to build this nation for our future generations.”

“Our forefathers came from different walks of life but they were united by a belief in a simple truth:  “That we are created equal and we are all endowed by the creator with certain inalienable rights, and among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

“2018 is a turning point, a fateful moment for us in Fiji. I believe that we are at a crossroad in our history of development as individuals, as distinct ethnic communities and most importantly as a nation.”

“A strong and vibrant family, community, organisation, rugby team or progressive nation can only be built on strong leadership that can unite all team members or players together.”

“I sincerely believe that strong leadership, and the will and commitment to listen will bring us together to realise our dream to build Fiji into a progressive and united nation.”

“The key elements of strong leadership that I will continue to embrace is good governance based on a number of characteristics and values. These include:

  • Leadership that encourages effective participation of all citizens in the decision making to embrace ownership in policies;
  • Leadership that is committed to consensus building to awaken and embrace the collective will of the majority.
  • Leadership that is responsive, effective, efficient, inclusive, and equitable.

“This vision of a progressive, dynamic and united Fiji can only be realised with your generous support. Only by working together can we realise our collective dream, as we move towards the elections in 2018.”

Call for tolerance and compassion for all
“As the sun sets on 2017, I call for respect for all  faiths and religions. I call for an end to the desecration of places of worship. SODELPA recognises and affirms the freedom and dignity of all religions and religious denominations and the right to freedom of opinion and belief. While the people of Fiji practice different faiths, we are united in our wish for peace and I urge us all, to work together and unite to help our nation.”

“For us in SODELPA, we will continue to strive to do what is right, with malice towards none.”

“I call for all citizens to care for your families, it is where you are nurtured, and learn the values essential for a strong people and nation. Let us care for and respect children, women, the elderly and the vulnerable.”

As a Christian, believing in my Saviour Jesus Christ, my prayer for all the people of Fiji for the coming year 2018, is for:

Faith which makes things possible;
Hope which makes things work;
Love for one another which makes things beautiful.

May all three gifts be bestowed on the people of Fiji.”

May God Bless Fiji.


Authorised by:  
Sitiveni L Rabuka,
Party Leader,

Social Democratic Liberal Party