Thursday, 22 June 2017

Five Political Parties call for electoral reform in Fiji

22 June 2017

Media Release: 5 Parties Advocate for Changes to Electoral Rules

On 18 May 2017 The five registered opposition political parties Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA), the National Federation Party (NFP), the Fiji Labour Party (FLP), the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and the Fiji United Freedom Party (FUFP) submitted a comprehensive submission with over 120 recommendations to the Fiji Electoral Commission elaborating on the urgent need to have proper electoral laws and processes to ensure free and fair elections in 2018. 
The Joint Submission was based on the recommendations of the Multinational Observer Group (MOG) and the Electoral Commission Annual Report 2014 with further inclusions of parties’ views on the requirements that must be in place before and during the 2018 elections.

Leaders of the Social Democratic Liberal Party, National Federation Party, Fiji Labour Party, Peoples Democratic Party, Fiji United Freedom Party launching the national campaign for electoral reform in Fiji. 22 June 2017

At the request of the parties, the Electoral Commissioners met with the leaders and representatives of the five political parties at the Elections Office on Friday 16 June 2017.
The meeting concluded with the assurance by the Commission that it would respond to the Joint Submission by 30 June 2017.
The five parties intend to submit their proposal for electoral reform to the Parliamentary Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights, the President, the Prime Minister and other relevant entities as part of their advocacy in ensuring the elections 2018 are free and fair for all parties concerned, and the nation as a whole.
The parties are determined to hold other events as part of their national campaign to raise awareness on the urgent need in having necessary changes to electoral laws, processes and procedures that will not only ensure level playing field for all stakeholders but also to ensure that the voters will have trust and faith in the system before they head to the polls. The National Campaign kick started on the 22nd June 2017 with various briefings to engage local and international entities and the circulation of a Petition to be signed by citizens who want free and fair elections in 2018. 

1. Full Submission by the Five Political Parties - 

2. Correspondence between the Five Parties and the Electoral Commission - 

3. Multinational Observer Group (MOG) Final Report on 2014 General Elections in Fiji - 

4. Fiji Electoral Commission Annual Report for 2014 - 

5. Petition for Electoral Reform -

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The Public Petition for Electoral Reform. Please contact if you want to sign the petition. Deadline is 22 September 2017


Authorised by:

  • Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) Party Leader S.L. Rabuka
  • Fiji Labour Party (FLP) Leader Mr. Mahendra P Chaudhry
  • National Federation Party Leader Dr. Biman Prasad
  • Fiji United Freedom Party (FUFP) Party Leader Mr. Jagat Karunaratne
  • Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Party President Ms. Lynda Tabuya