Thursday, 18 May 2017

Rabuka: Register to Vote and exercise your political rights


18 May  2017

Former Prime Minister and SODELPA Party Leader Sitiveni L Rabuka issued this statement today to encourage eligible voters to register to vote. He was speaking after the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem announced the 2017 National Voter Registration Drive in Suva.

A voter casts her ballot during the 2014 general elections. Photo: Radio New Zealand

“Our political rights are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the exercise of these rights is important, in order to have a say on how we as a people are governed by those whom we elect at the ballot box. These political rights are also guaranteed in the 2013 Constitution at section 23 which enshrines the right of all citizens to free, fair and regular elections.”

“I call on every citizen, in Fiji and all over the world, wherever they make their home, to register with the Elections Office Voter Registration Teams, when they come to your village, town or city.”

“It is often said that we get the the government we deserve, but often, we are let down by those who fail to register to vote, or register, and do not vote, or who vote but cast invalid ballots, because when you do not exercise your right to vote, then by default, you have abdicated your responsibility as a citizen, and to have a say in the kind of Fiji you want for yourself and your children.”

“I encourage each and every one of our people please register to vote, it is important that you exercise that important right of citizenship, to have a say in your government. If you think the government is not performing, then do not just complain about it, ensure that you register to vote, and vote at the general elections, and make sure that you know how to vote in the correct way.”

“To parents, please advise your children who are 18 years old, to register to vote. Our young people inherit the Fiji that we will all vote for in 2018, so let’s all come together to vote, and choose the government we want.”

May God Bless Fiji

Citizens register to vote with the Elections Office Voter Registration Team
Photo: Fiji Times 


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